My love of transforming furniture has been a lifelong affair and something which I can remember doing as a child with my Norweigian mother. I can still recall the day she bought home an old tatty stool and taught me how to repair, sand, paint and reupholster it. Little did I know but I had the bug! 


It was when my husband and I bought our first home many years ago that I really began to transform furniture and create beautiful pieces for our home. With not much money but expensive tastes I had no option but to create my own.

In March 2016 I created my small furniture upcycling business which after a recent name change is now called 'Rubar and Scandi'. In between painting and renovating pieces of furniture I also started creating thread art pieces. Much to my amazement these pieces of art made from wood, nails and thread were selling, and I was really enjoying making them.

Fast forward to the present day and here we are. I am now painting more furniture than ever, I have built a workshop in my garden which is where I spend most of my free time... turning furniture into art.


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