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Beggars can’t be choosers

Where it all started 🥰

I feel a bit funny writing this post, and not sure if it’s a good idea or not really :-( have been doing some real soul searching of late, looking back to where it all began. When we relocated 2 years ago, I had a really successful business with bookings months in advance, I didn’t worry about work coming in, it just did. Then the pandemic hit, we moved, I took a year off whilst my workshop was built and then I finally came back… to tumbleweed. It was like I just got left behind, or missed an important memo 🤔 I don’t know what happened in that time (well I do) but for the past year I have really struggled to get work and sell my pieces.

I have always been told to value my skills and ensure I get paid for my time, but do you know what, that’s just not paying the bills right now, and I have a family who needs me to step up my game. I’m not ashamed to say I need the money more than my pride.

After with some serious discussions at home with the worry of being able pay the bills I have decided to heavily reduce my hourly rate and subsequently my items in my shop both available and for commissions. I will of course still put in all the love, care and attention to detail I usually put in, but hopefully this will start paying the bills again ☺️

So pop along to my shop and check out my new prices for my beautiful pieces, beggars can’t be choosers right now as it’s bargain galore.

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