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Meet the Maker

Sooooo, it’s been a while since I have introduced myself as quite frankly, I take crap photos, however, this was taken on my way out to a festival recently and I have lost a tiddly bit of junk from my trunk so it’s doable 🤷‍♀️

I’m Georgina! I’m the face, brains and hands behind Rubar and Scandi. “What do you do” I hear you cry? Well Rubar and Scandi is a proven and industry experienced interiors business specialising in redesigning vintage furniture into bespoke and statement pieces, for homes and spaces which require the “WOW” factor. Simply put, I upcycle the hell out of furniture to make it look shit hot 🔥

I have no particular style as designs and visions are constantly evolving. Inspo can be taken from nature, fashion, even Netflix (check out my Ratched inspired sideboard above) by thinking of ways to push the boundaries of what is physically possible when upcycling.

The idea of using real flower petals for my Flora and Fauna range to decorate pieces of furniture has been something which I have wanted to try for many years, I have always been an outside girl, 13 years of being a riding teacher gets you very accustomed to the changing of the seasons and the beauty of nature. Researching the 'how' was my biggest challenge. Designs? Designs I can come up with all day long, but it's the technical things which sometimes scupper me. Knowing which products to use to ensure the petals stay in form, keep their colour and are protected took many hours of investigating and quite a few sample boards. However, when you create something new you have got to put in those hours to ensure you have a product which is fit for purpose. Obviously it wouldn't withstand a bomb but I like to think that my pieces created using real flower petals will last as good as a piece of art. Look after it and it will stay looking it's best for years to come, that means no harsh chemicals and no direct sunlight. But I'm so proud to have discovered something which is a real new concept. Am I willing to share my secrets, not yet 😬

So as you can see, I absolutely L O V E my job, it’s part of who I am. I love the sustainability, I love interiors and I love being part of the process of making peoples homes beautiful. Because let’s face it, we are far happier in an attractive home with our treasured and coveted belongings around us than not. Well at least I am ☺️

As some of you know, at the start of the first lockdown we relocated across the south of the country from Sussex to rural Devon. We left behind our friends and family, and all that we knew by going into an unknown. Having been in our new home for about a year (moving boxes still in our barn ready to be unpacked once we had redecorated) I woke up one morning and thought right thats it, we need to get the rest of the boxes unpacked as I need my things around me. As we unpacked those boxes and started arranging the items around our home is suddenly really started feeling like home again. The gallery wall for me was the pivotal point. When my eldest son walked in and sat down, he gave a sigh and said it felt just like home again. This is what we were missing, we were missing all of our little nicknacks which gave us familiarity, reassurance, and comfort having moved to a unknown place at the very start of a worldwide pandemic. Now thats not to say the house is in state to feel smug as we have a long way to go until then, but for now in the evenings when we are sat watching Netflix we are happy and content in that corner of the room surrounded by the things we love the most. So that is why I know that having things in our homes which we love really does make us feel happier and more content.

So anyway, there you go, this is me. Outside of Rubar and Scandi I’m just a normal wife to Mr R&S/The Manslave as he is affectionately known, mamma to two feral sons (Rupert and Barnaby - Can you see where Rubar comes from?), a pair of Tibetan Terrier dogs (we are slightly crazy about them), a cat and a brood of fluffy hens all living it up in what is now home in Devon.

So if this has piqued your interest and you are still reading then get in touch. I love working with clients who are keen to create a real one off piece of furniture in their environments, I love being creative and artistic whether thats through taping off geometric designs or through freehand painting. I have so many ideas and pieces of furniture ready to be my canvas (do check out my Naked Furniture stock list).

If you wish to be part of our mailing list then do click on the Subscribe form at the bottom of the page. We won't spam you with loads of junk as quite frankly we don't have time to create all that, but occasionally we might send you an offer, show you a new piece we have worked on, and if I can get my act together maybe even some further blogs posts.

Georgina x

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