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Colourful Leopard Print Drinks Cabinet

Colourful Leopard Print Drinks Cabinet


This piece has now sold but if you would like to order something similar please do get in touch. Lead time approx 10-12 weeks.


This fabulous drinks cabinet has been given the ultimate Rubar and Scandi treatment 🌈🎨

It’s not only amazing on the outside but also the inside ☺️ Sprayed internally with a flat matte white paint by Fusion Mineral Paint and then flicked with florescent coloured paints which light up like the night’s sky when you switch on the newly installed uv black light!


Externally, colours are stippled and blended to give it an amazing colourful finish unlike any other piece of furniture out there on the market. I then hand paint leopard spots over the entire piece for that final touch of drama!


Every piece of furniture is completely bespoke. This design is completely unique to Rubar and Scandi and has been designed solely by myself. If you wish for me to recreate this design on another similar cabinet, or an entirely different piece of furniture then please do get in touch.


Measurements vary and prices are dependent upon the piece and the design.


For this particular piece the price was £1395.


* Please note delivery is an additional cost and is payable directly to the courier which I shall organise from start to finish for you. Quotes can be supplied before you wish to proceed with your order.

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