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Repurposed Post Box Lamp

Repurposed Post Box Lamp


This repurposed post box lamp hits the  quirky lighting spot for sure!💡 


You deserve more than buying a bog standard lamp from Ikea, buy a fabulous one from Rubar & Scandi


Arriving in someone’s home and seeing the same crap lamp as you have in your spare room is on par with two hot chica’s separately go to the club and wearing the same bum cheek skimming dress... it’s a cardinal sin and quite frankly should never happen 😳💃🏻 That won’t happen with this repurposed postbox lamp, as it’s completely bespoke! 


The Edison style LED bulb is super low energy (perfect for you energy saving hippies). The inside has been painted in a sumptuous gold which makes that bulb GLOW! With a red vintage style threaded chord and simple black switch it’s a home decor triumph. The outside of the postbox has been left untouched to keep it a statement piece to suit all homes. 


£315 @ Rubar and Scandi


*Nationwide delivery available for a fee which I am always happy to organise 👍🏻

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