What a week!

Goodness me what a week it has been and wow this weather is simply amazing... Perfect way to spend Easter as a family.

So this week I have mainly been focusing on this desk which has been in the family for some years and was passed down to me. As much as I love it I don't have the space for it anymore so it's time for it to go on to a new home. The desk is leather bound which (following advice from another lovely furniture painter) it has now been painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint - Yep, who'd have thought you could paint leather?! My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of what can be done with this brand of chalk paint... EXCITING times lie ahead folks ;-) However, this wasn't quite the stunning piece I was hoping for, well it is and it isn't. Let me explain, I am fairly new to the Annie Sloan brand of chalk paint for large pieces. I have been using other brands of chalk paint for some time now and I am very comfortable using AS chalk paint for my thread arts as they crackle beautifully. However, with large pieces of furniture I don't seem to be able to paint well with it; isn't there a saying about a bad workman blaming ones tools? Ermmm? So after several failed attempts and a few head scratching moments I'm pleased to say I have figured out how to use this world famous paint my way. If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again. Here is the finished piece which is available to buy here.

Since in my last blog post I have also been focusing on the unicorn commission which I spoke of last post. I always am a little nervous doing new designs as you never quite know how they will come out. It took me a while to design as I was trying to figure out the outlines and what I wanted the dominant lines to be. Anyway, to cut a long story short here it is.

I delivered it at the beginning of the week and thankfully I had a very happy customer... Phew :-)

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that I have a little competition running on my Facebook page where I am giving away one of these two items... To enter my competition, head on over to my Facebook page

Lastly can I just take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Easter, I hope you all get some much needed relaxation, wine, sunshine and perhaps a little chocolate.

Georgina xx

P.s I nearly forgot to include a photo of the chooks! Paloma - Mine, I named after the grey AS paint, Spotty - Rupert's, named spotty because she is spotty, Dotty - Barnaby's, named Dotty to annoy his brother by copying a name which is nearly the same as Spotty. They have settled in so well and really are part of the family already. No eggs yet though :-(

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