What's in the name?

Wowzers, it's been a while since I have done one of these 😳

Today I am going to talk to you about branding, names, logos and all that comes with it. Now my branding, logo and name are far from perfect but there is meaning there which is important. Behind every strong brand there is a story about it's birth, it's name, it's logo. This topic comes up time and time again on the various 'furny' groups I am in so I thought today I would tell you about my story, about Rubar and Scandi, and how it came into fruition.

When I first started painting furniture and created my small business I came up with the most ridiculous name which had zero meaning to me or my business and was just naff. I called my business 'The Cuckfield Cottage Company'. Quite a mouthful indeed. Cuckfield because that's where I live. Cottage, yep you guessed it, I live in a cottage 🤦🏻‍♀️ It was bad, and I knew it. About two years ago it properly dawned on me that I would have to change the name as I was beginning to hate it. I realised my little hobby business was becoming viable and if I wanted to make this into a full time career, changes were going to have to be made, and that meant the branding.

I played around with various names, put it out there to the Facebook masses, had many WhatsApp convos with my bestie. Finally after what felt like a very long time a lovely lady I knew suggested on one of my various Facebook threads to use an amalgamation of my children's names. It hit me like a bolt of lightning, almost to the point that I actually felt quite emotional about it, I finally had it. My son's names are Rupert and Barnaby, 'RuBar' was born ☺️ The 'Scandi' part was easy, I have strong Scandinavian roots and I am jolly proud of them! Finally my obsession for the past three months, many hours thinking into the early hours of the morning, was over; we had a name which fitted like my well worn painting jeans!

The next head scratcher was the logo. I worked with a fabulously patient logo designer called Stuart at 'Incept Design' (you can find him on FB) who came highly recommended. Over various weeks we went back and forth with different designs of paint brushes, pieces of furniture etc etc. Nothing seemed right. Then one Sunday morning after being awake most of the night with the smallest child I was looking through Pinterest at Norsk tattoo ideas when I stumbled across the different aspects of my logo.

The Norsk / Viking symbol of 'Inguz' literally means "seed" and is associated with rebirth and transformation. Meanings of runes can be complex to interpret but what kept coming up when looking at this particular rune was the saying "where there is a will, there is a way". This was something my mum says quite a lot, it's that mind over matter attitude that you will absolutely succeed if you have enough will to do so. Quite an apt saying for the birth of a brand?! 🤔

Next is those valkyrie wings! The Valkyries of Norse mythology symbolises some crazy bitch battle thirsty women. The Valkyrie women were symbols of strength and power. These other-worldly warrior women held mens immortal fate in their grasp, as they descended from the skies on their ethereal horses, they chose the souls of those slain on the battlefield who were worthy enough; to take back to Odin's hall, Valhalla, in the afterlife. This symbol of strength and power resonates hugely with me. Growing up in an all female family with a strong mother figure, very much felt like a battle field at times (all those hormones!!) 😂

After that, it was just a case of putting it all together. The logo has been shaped into a viking helm very much on purpose, and I couldn't possibly comment on those drunken photos of me on the internet wearing a viking helm. Although one of my friends suggested it also looks quite like Lion-O from Thundercats 😂 As a child of the 80's I can officially say with confidence that Thundercats was amazeballs so I actually quite like that! 👍🏽

Two things to remember when thinking of a business name:

- Has it been taken already?

Check companies house if you are going to be a limited company to see if it has already been registered. Check on a domain checker to see if the website domain is available. Even if you don't want to set up a website yet, you probably ought to buy the domain and keep it active, this doesn't cost a lot but it will be something you will regret if you don't. Are the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and various other social media platforms tags/pages available? If they aren't and you cannot have the same name across all platforms consider changing it as you will want cohesion.

- Does it have meaning or is it related to your business industry?

Now this isn't always the case for every business because sometimes a really catchy name just comes along and sticks. However for most, having a name which means something to you, represents the business or the industry that you are in is a good place to start. There needs to be an emotional connection with the name, you need to feel your brand, because let me tell you, its bloody hard being a small business, let alone a successful one which pays the bills. Having an emotional connection to your baby, which you put all the hours of the day into will be needed when you are still replying to messages at 4am, when you do the happy dance because you made a big sale and can finally buy your son new school shoes as his toes are sticking out of his old ones (👈🏽 true story). This is what having a small business can be like; so love it, own it and work at it!

- Does it sound good when said aloud?

Sometimes names look great when written down but saying it is a whole different ball game. Rubar (Roobar) and Scandi is even if I do say so myself sounds quite nice when its said out loud. Although, I was recently watching a Sophie Robinson live on Instagram and I asked a question, Sophie read out my tag line as Rhubarb and Scandi 🤦‍♀️ Epic fail there, but on the most part the name rolls off the tongue and I'm happy with it.

So there you go folks, not a furny related post but now you know why I am called what I am and hopefully a post which may be useful to some of you if you are about to embark on a small business journey 🤞🏼

Georgina x

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