Thread Art

A lost art...

Thread, string or pin art uses coloured string, wool or wire to create geometric patterns or representational images. The 'string' is normally held between nails hammered into a base board. Multiple straight lines of string can form shapes ranging from simple curves to more complex designs resembling flowers, sailing boats, etc.

The defining characteristic of string art is the humble simplicity and fine delicacy of the material, often juxtaposed against the intricate elaborateness of its webbed configurations.

I really love making my thread art and enjoy the challenge of commission pieces. Over time my art pieces are becoming larger and more intricate. I am always looking for inspiration from modern art and also what is in fashion for home décor, I then add my own quirky twist. 

If you have a design in mind please do get in touch as I would be happy to discuss this with you. You can contact me via email by clicking here

'Hamish the Highland'

At 62 cm x 62 cm Hamish is the biggest and most detailed piece I have created yet. With over 500+ steel nails hand hammered in and approx 20+ meters of fine multicoloured yarn threaded he is quite magnificent. The stunning colours of the yarn and the shine of the nails really do stand out against the simple background of the board. Hamish would look wonderful on a feature wall and can be ordered to your requirements here

Price - £150

'Felipé and Fifi'

Introducing the very colourful Felipé and Fifi Flamingos. These delightful pair are my newest design and are now ready for their new home. Made from reclaimed boards and copper nails they have a distressed look with a touch of elegance. Each board measures approx 80cm x 37cm.

Felipé and Fifi can be customised to suit your requirements. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind please get in touch by clicking here

Price - £150 (for the pair)

'The Stag, Hare, Pheasant and Fox'

Country life and it's many little inhabitants are very important to me. As a family we enjoy being outdoors and most of my days are spent out enjoying the countryside and all that it has to offer. So what better way than to take inspiration from it's most popular animals.

If you wish to order these four in a colour scheme to suit your requirements or as singles please get in touch here

Price - £140

Commission Pieces

I have taken on several commission pieces to date and I am always happy to discuss any designs which you may have in mind.

I can do any colour board with a range of effects. I use either copper or steel nails depending on the customer preference and have a range of threads which I use in an array of colours. 

I am happy to personalise designs with lettering and names, these make great gifts!

Prices - From £35 for 38cm x 38cm

Lettering - £5 per letter

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