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Twin Pedestal Desk with Leather Insert

Twin Pedestal Desk with Leather Insert


Available as a commission - Please contact me if you wish to order something similar. Lead time approx 4-6 weeks.


This stunning leather topped desk has been a real labour of love ❤️ 


It has been painted with "Aubusson Blue", clear waxed and then dark waxed for detailing. The leather top has been painted with Vintro "Dove" which really contrasts the moody mottled effect of the Aubusson Blue. The effect I have given the paint is a textured, uneven, almost stormy look. It's really stunning in real life!


The original brass pulls have been cleaned and left slightly tarnished although they would equally polish up well, if you so wish. All drawers on all our desks open and close easily. These are old desks so will have some signs of aged related wear and tear, however when we refurbish them we do give them a clean bill of health but ask our customers to understand that they are pre-used items of furniture.


The standard side desks are a good size as they are not too big for most houses. Standard size fits well into our petit cottage. Most of these desks split in to 3 pieces for ease of transportation.


Standard desk measurements:

Width - 122cm 

Depth - 60cm

Height - 76cm


Local and national delivery available for a fee.

  • Care Instructions

    Painted Furniture Care Tag


    Newly painted furniture needs to cure for 21-28 days. Please treat it with great care during this time.


    To care for your piece of furniture and keep it looking fresh for years to come…


    • Avoid excess or heavy handling


    • Clean with mild soap and water


    • Do not use abrasive products or tools


    • To obtain best results when removing unwanted stains, use a slightly damp chamois cloth


    • Avoid all contact with furniture polishes/sprays, cleaning sprays, and excessive water


    • A moderate climate is best – Avoid extreme heat or extreme air conditioning, as well as excessive moisture or dryness


    • For desks with leather inserts, we recommend you rewax the leather (Vintro clear wax) and buff every 6-8 months.



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